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In this modern days, computer technology developments are readily apparent. Naturally, people adapt to alterations so that they will not be left out in life’s tides. If there is one thing that made a great impact on people’s lives, it’s the presence of computers.

Even today, brand new devices are transpiring. Among those high-end gadgets are tablets, computers, smartphones, android phones and laptops. And for these gadgets to function brilliantly, one have to select an operating system. Needless to say, there are two companies who are highly competing for such programs and these are the Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Nonetheless, both companies seem to be having their fair share of the public’s interest. In contrast, the former is just suitable with any iPhone units while the other one comes with a greater range of hardware. Therefore, it is pretty sure that Android OS gives completely new level of versatility to its diverse users. To learn more about this great OS, check the following details given below.

In most cases, when folks deal with ‘android’, they typically think about a cellular device or phone model. Over the past couple of years, Android has diverse variations. Among those versions are ‘clair, Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. However, they still produce much more versions that will add fantastic features that will be relished by its users.

Among the great items that the Android OS provides is it has a broad language support and could handle diverse connectivity systems. You can still savor this OS considering the fact that this can accommodate any hardware kinds. What’s more, API or also referred to as the Application Programming Interface is a kind of software in which you can get a direct access. They created various inbuilt multitasking options available to users.

Most of the smartphone users are even installing this one. It is simply because Android OS works perfectly for most gadgets. What precisely makes this useful to others is that these can now be installed to any personal computers. Indeed, Android OS for PC is feasible. The truth is, you can install it into your desktop without jeopardizing your computer hardware. In this way you can try how Android feels like in a computer. Whether you are making use of Windows, MAC or Linux, installing Andriod for PC is within your reach.

Furthermore, you could find countless methods for Android OS for PC installations. But among these, there is only one real technique. And that is the masterpiece of Oracle – the VirtualBox. This software enables installation of other OS on a host OS without coping with the actual booting. At present, you can just use the Android version 4.0.4. Ensure that the downloaded VirtualBox is suitable to the Operating System you are utilizing. After which, you can explore VMLite source then proceed your Android 4.0.4 OS download. On top of that, this can also boost your connection to the internet because it comes with 88 MB. Once done downloading it, you can extract it and find the file named ‘Android-v4.vbox’. Double click the file and the file will be redirected to the VirtualBox. By clicking on the Start menu option, you can directly install the software. After installing, soon you will have the Andriod for PC.